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Frequently asked questions

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KTM NORTH AMERICA, INC. reminds riders to always wear protective gear including an approved helmet. SAFETY FIRST!

KTM JUNIOR SUPERCROSS is an invitational sportminicycle event created by KTM as the KTM JUNIOR SUPERCROSS in the mid-90’s as a high-quality intermission exhibition held at Supercross stadium events. Riders compete aboard identically prepared 2024 KTM SX-E 5 sportminicycles in a three-lap feature race.
What rounds will the KTM JUNIOR SUPERCROSS PROGRAM be held at for 2024?
How does my child become involved in KTM JUNIOR SUPERCROSS?
All qualified riders are welcome to apply online at the KTM JUNIOR SUPERCROSS website
What are the qualifications?
To qualify, applicants must be 7 or 8 years of age on the day of the event and have at least one year of prior racing experience. Applicants must maintain above average grades in the classroom. Finally, the applicants must stand no more than 54 inches in height and weight no more than 70lbs. Being a KTM owner is not a requirement.
How are KTM JUNIOR RACERS selected?
15 riders are chosen by random drawing from a pool of qualified applications received by the entry deadline.
Do they get to keep the bike?
Sorry, but no, they cannot keep the bike. However, they do receive riding gear (pants, jersey, gloves), a KTM Junior Supercross participation certificate, and other great stuff!
How do I check my eligibility status?
You can return to the home page of the webpage at any time to check the status of your application by entering your registration confirmation number in the appropriate field. If you are ineligible for not meeting a requirement it will be updated prior to the deadline to allow for an opportunity to correct the issue. If you are or are not selected for a round, it will be posted the week after the application deadline, noting that you are confirmed or denied for the event. In addition, KTM will contact you directly if you are selected for the event.
What if I only signed up for one event initially and I didn’t get selected and now I would like to apply for additional events?
Enter your registration confirmation code on the KTM JUNIOR SUPERCROSS homepage. This will bring up your status for the round(s) you applied for and list any rounds left that you are still eligible to apply for. Simply click the apply button for the round you are interested in applying for and your application will carry over to the new round.
What is COPPA?
COPPA is the Child Online Privacy Protection Act and requires that all children under 13 have verified consent from a parent or legal guardian prior to using KTM JUNIOR SUPERCROSS. To find out more please visit the FTC's website.
Why can’t I apply for the championship round in Salt Lake City?
The final round of the KTM JUNIOR SUPERCROSS program will be reserved as our championship round for the 2024 season. The 10 winners from each individual round in 2024 will be selected to participate in round 11 - “The Championship Round” in Salt Lake City, UT on Saturday, May 11th. No other applicants for this round will be selected or considered.
What happens if it rains?
Weather is a factor at select events and there may be circumstances due to the weather that may force us to modify the race day schedule (such as eliminating a practice) or cancel the race completely. Although we will try our best to not have to eliminate any race day events, safety is our number one concern and there is a chance the schedule may be modified or canceled completely due to inclement weather. If your race is canceled, we will do our best to modify or adjust the racer to a different round if possible.
Am I responsible for my own travel accommodations?
Yes, you are responsible for your own travel and/or hotel accommodations for the KTM JUNIOR SUPERCROSS Supercross program if you are selected. KTM will not book your flight or hotel accommodations if you are selected to race at any event.