The most talked about event on the Monster Energy Supercross circuit returns: the KTM Jr. Supercross Challenge (KJSC) is back for another season! In its sixteenth year existence it has showcased the talents of over 2, 900 boys and girls in stadium racing venues worldwide to race on the very same tracks as their Supercross racing heroes. And while the KJSC highlights these talented minicycle riders from around the country, it also promotes motorcycling as a family activity – exciting and accessible – especially for kids!

From the first practice lap to the final race, the KJSC offers a safe, supportive and entertaining environment for all riders, parents and fans. The KJSC is a fantastic opportunity for participants to immerse themselves in the excitement of Supercross from a very unique perspective, and to enjoy the sport as a fun and rewarding experience.

For 2017, the application process is available online. Interested riders must meet the requirements stated in the official rules, which are found on the registration page.

If a rider is selected to race the KJSC, they will receive a Troy Lee Designs gear package which includes a Troy Lee Designs/KTM racing jersey, racing pants, gloves and a limited-edition KTM Racing hat. These items where specially designed and selected to help prepare KJSC stars for the biggest racing experience of their lives. And while only one rider may win the event, all KJSC participants and families will take home memories and this souvenir Troy Lee Designs package. For more details about the 2017 KTM PowerWear collection, visit an authorized KTM dealer or search online at www.ktmusa.com.



Describe your KJSC experience?

“The staff could not have been any better.  They were all wonderful.  They made the kids feel like stars for a day.  They treated everyone like royalty.”

              Harrison, KJSC father

“My favorite part of the day was seeing all the smiles on the kid’s faces and listening to them swap racing stories.”

              Bob, KJSC father

“As a professional racer over 20 years ago, I was definitely impressed!  My son had the experience of a lifetime at 8 years old.”

               Willy, KJSC father

“The experience was very professional.  The pit was set-up exactly like the factory pros.  The participant behavior expectations were laid out in the beginning and followed.  The KJSC is one experience worth signing up for!”

               Murray, KJSC father

“The best part was the time I was able to spend bonding with my son.  We’ll remember this experience for our lifetime!”

               Jim, KJSC father

“It was a wonderful day.  My son is on top of the world.”

               Scott, KJSC father

“You really know how to treat the kids, thank you for putting this on!”

              Michael, KJSC father

“This was a first class operation from step one to the end of the night.”

              Dwayne, KJSC father

“It was great to meet people that enjoy the sport as much as we do.  It was the most fun we have ever had as a family and we made a lot of new friends.”

              Gina, KJSC mother

“The KJSC program provides an exciting and entertaining element for our Supercross audience, but more importantly, the KTM Junior Supercross Challenge serves as a shining example of the positive role that motorcycling plays as a family activity. We are very excited for its return to the Supercross Series. To see the joy on the faces of both the competitors and the fans is rewarding and our company is proud to be able to work with KTM to continue to promote this positive example of our sport.”

             Todd Jendro, Sr. Director of Two-Wheel Operations for Feld Motor Sports

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